Collections Management Internship

Click here for pdf: Collections Management Intern

Title: Collections Management Internship
When: Fall 2015
Department: Bureau of Archaeology & Ethnography
Supervision: Registrar

About NJSM: The New Jersey State Museum was established in 1895. Its Mission is to inspire innovation and lifelong learning through collections, research, exhibitions and programs in science, history and art. NJSM engages visitors of all ages and diverse backgrounds in an exploration of New Jersey’s cultural and natural history presented within a global context, fosters state pride, and serves as a cultivator of tomorrow’s leaders.

The Bureau of Archaeology & Ethnography consists of over two million artifacts from New Jersey that cover the entire span of human occupation from prehistoric times through to the 19th century.  These collections are the result of nearly 100 years of professional excavations by Museum staff and archaeologists throughout the state.

Position Description: The Archaeology Collections Management Intern will assist the Bureau Registrar to manage and document the Bureau’s collection of over two million artifacts.

Education and Experience Requirements: Applicants should be a current Undergraduate or Graduate Student in Anthropology, Archaeology, Museum Studies or related field.  Preference will be given to students obtaining credit from their College or University.

Objectives of Internship:

  • Introduce Intern to various collections management tasks and problems.
  • Develop record keeping and database proficiencies.
  • Conduct collections, departmental history, or historical research.
  • Write blog posts to highlight Bureau collections and work.
  • Internship can be tailored to specific interests of applicant

How to Apply:

Email the following documents to the contact below by August 7th:

Internship Contact: Jim Moss, Registrar


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